What is Yuzu?

Yuzu is a Japanese citrus lemon that is valued for it's highly aromatic rind. It is considered a citron that is sour, tart, and very fragrant.

Does each Gummy have a different sauce?

All of our Gummies are mixed with the same Yuzu signature sauce and peel.

What is the difference between Gummies in a bag vs a tub/container?

Gummies in a bag is best for shipping or traveling as it takes up less space.

Gummies in a tub is best though since I always give the analogy "Would you rather eat poke from a container/tub or a bag?"

What is the Freeze Drying process?

A freeze dryer removes water from the items for preservation, extend shelf life and allow for more convenient storage method. Freeze dryers basically work by freezing the product, then reducing the pressure and adding heat that allow the frozen water in the material to change directly to a vapor often referred to sublimation.

What is the difference between dehydration vs. freeze drying?

Freeze drying uses lower temperatures than dehydrators which causes less damage to the product. Nutritional contents that are sensitive to heat have a lower risk of loss due to the lower temperatures. Since the process basically removes water, the flavor is intensified and the texture changes due to the vacuum pressure and water loss.

What is the proper storage of the Freeze Dried items?

We recommend storing items in a cool and dark place in an airtight container. Always be sure to keep the bag closed since the air and moisture will rehydrate the items.

How long do the Freeze Dried Items last?

If properly stored it should last for a few months. Freeze Dried food are meant to have a shelf life of 25 years or more when packaged and stored properly. However, we package the items in a bag with a clear front window it decreases the shelf life.

What is the pick up process?

At checkout, the pick up address will be provided. Please DM, text, or call 808-900-SNAX (7629) when you are close by so we can get your order ready. Please provide your vehicle information and we will bring your order. Upon arrival, please provide your invoice/order # to verify your order. Our pick ups are normally scheduled on Sundays at 11 am in Aiea.

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Every Yuzu Lemon Peel Gummie order will receive a pair of 'Hashi-No-Sticky" to compliment our Sticky Fingers Gummies.  No more Sticky Fingers!

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